Smoked Butts and Sous vide ribs.

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    Well its my daughters 2nd bday and BBQ is on the menu. Smoked 2 butts last night and will be dropping some ribs in the sous vide here in a few. My girlie loves Smoked meat or as she calls it nummy nummy.

    I let her open a present earlier last week as I needed to borrow it. She was ecstatic.


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    Well it was a hit. Did the ribs at 165 for 10 hours and then finished them with a glaze on the kamado at 400 for 20 minutes. I like them this way probably more than the 155 for 24 hours. They still had a little tear and chew. The butt I cooked at 250 till they hit 165 then I double wrapped and put them back on and cooked to 203. Then refrigerated them over night. Took them out chopped and vac sealed in 2lb bags with the added colagen from the tinfoil. Reheated at 160 for 20 minutes in the sous vide then panned and dusted with bbq seasoning. I swore I took a picture, but o well.

    For dissert I made oreo delight.


  • pr0wlunwoof said in Smoked Butts and Sous vide ribs.:

    For dissert I made oreo delight.

    Good on ya. You saved a piece of cake for all of us right?

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