• Well I made up some apple brat meat and stuffed it into your sheep casings and hog casings. The hog casing ones were typical “brats”. Very good I must say. However, the ones I stuffed into the sheep casings were well like a slim version of a hot dog. Oh yea they were fantastic. I made them using venison and pork fat. 60-40 mix. Added some high temp cheddar. Better than pork plus I used up some of my venison . I barely got mine. They were gone in 60 seconds, to coin a phrase. When I run out of the present package of seasoning I have, I will be ordering more. Geo.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Yeah the Apple Brat is one that really does deserve more attention than it gets! It’s got a great sweet flavor without being overpowering. I have never tried it in anything other than pork, good to know it works well with venison as well! I really need to try more things in sheep casings, I generally stick to collagen because I am lazy and don’t like to have to rinse and soak the natural casings. Did you have any complaints about the snap of the casings or lack of a snap? Glad it turned out well!!!

  • Jonathon No complaints . Its hard to complain when their mouths are full of Apple brat dogs.

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