The grind.

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    Most of what I have seen on videos say you need 2 grinds. Is this to get you to a smaller particle size or to facilitate protein extraction. Im sure the answer is somewhere in the middle, but with the second grind being the PIA why not go to the smaller plate and go to the mixer…?

    Interested in both the cured and fresh sausage answer.

  • Only time I do a second grind is when I make cured. Seems to help a little with protein extraction and makes it easier to mix and run through the stuffer.

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    pr0wlunwoof For fresh it is all about texture, if you grind once through a 3/8 and go to mixing you might end up with some pretty hefty pieces of fat in there and the practical size might not look right. Not the biggest deal in the world but depending on the fat quality in your meat it can be jarring to see/bite into.

    For cured it is because the second grind through a very small plate is going to make your next step, mixing and getting protein extraction much easier.

    Now, if your question was more based on why not just do a single grind through a 1/8" plate to start then it is hard on the proteins and you are going to overwork them trying to get large chunks through a 1/8" plate. If you have a very sharp plate and knife it might not cause you any noticeable issue but a first grind through a “breaking” plate is going to reduce the stress on the proteins.

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    This should generate some varied responses. To your first question… Yes. Just depends on what type you’re doing and what you’re looking for the final product. Typically I always do two grinds. Personally I think you get a better finished product. ( again depending on what you’re making ). With a cured sausage a smaller second grind will get you better protein extraction and a better finish. A fresh sausage you could get by with one grind but depends on the amount of meat to fat you’re doing and what you’re looking for. Sorry, lot of ifs here. Just experiment. Not sure there is a right or wrong. As far as the PIA it’s not really an issue on my end. With a #22 grinder the second grind is pretty fast.

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    Thanks for the clarifications. For a cured sausage it seems to be the absolute right answer.

    I’m using a #32 belt driven grinder. As pointed out its has some safety drawbacks, but its pretty effective. I have added a foot pedal and have tried to source a feed tube, but im probably gonna have to make it. It runs at about 400 rpms so I think 2 grinds will put fresh sausage past where I want it, but maybe just right for cured.

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    PapaSop ditto!!! It all depends what you are looking for at the end. I keep notes to learn, especially when I depart the norm, sometimes I like the end product, sometimes not so much.

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