Meatgistics Podcast: Travis Frank and Tighthead Brewing

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    Meatgistics Podcast: Travis Frank

    Each week, Jon and Austin break out and critique a new beer and different sausage while they discuss everything about meat. This week we welcome Travis Frank, a TV and Radio Host, Fishing Guide and TV Producer. Listen for Jon's teeth to chatter when he tells us about his terrifying Alaskan Flight!

    rie IPA
    Powerful Pils

    Tighthead Brewing

    This week we dug into a few beers from Tighthead Brewing who were nice enough to send us some samples! Tighthead is a Rugby position and these beers clearly have a manly willingness to fight in them, more than Austin could handle for sure, Jon was of course perfectly fine.

    Austin had the Irie IPA and he went on and on and on about how good it was but who knows what goes on in his head. Seriously though, even Jonathon enjoyed a sip of this after the podcast and that is high praise for an IPA from him!
    Jonathon tried the Powerful Pils a pilsner that greatly pleased his Czech roots! This was what we want when we try pils, a little bit of a bite without being overpowering. This was a well-crafted beer without too much of a bite but with plenty of taste!

    Seriously though, these beers were WELL worth the wait and I highly urge you all to look for these beers in your local stores. I know the IRE IPA is available here in Wichita stores and we are hoping the others make an appearance soon! Go buy some so more places send us free beer!

    Travis Frank

    Travis is a Fishing Guide - Television Producer - Radio Host - Writer - Speaker - Photographer - Husband - Father according to the about Travis section of (@austin we probably need an about Jonathon section of Waltonsinc or Meatgistics, no?) and has been a staple of the Minnesota outdoor scene for decades. He began as a fishing guide after other fishermen realized he was consistently pulling trophy size Muskies and Walleye. He did that all through High School and College and that lead him to Ron Schara productions and started him on his current path to superstardom

    We really had a great time with him and will be doing more with him and the Ron Schara shows the future! The next time we get up to Minnesota we are going to make sure we schedule it to a time where we can take advantage of his guide services, it has been too long sine Jonathon has caught anything bigger than a Large Mouth!

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