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    For anyone who watched our livestream (and if you didn’t you can go back and watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBZeyp_frTc) we all decided we were going to make special snack sticks to send out to the “winners” of the giveaway (winners get some food product I have made plus a seasoning of their choice) but I didn’t want to make another batch of Willies or some other normal snack stick. We made Sweet Maple Bacon Sticks with cooked bacon ground in and on top of that we used Bacon Taste Booster in them. Booster is designed to impart old-world Bacon taste with modern curing techniques and previously we did not recommend it be used other than when injected and tumbling bacon.

    Then we used it while making imitation bacon once and have never looked back so the thought was what about using it in a snack stick? Results have been very positive with some people saying it’s the best stick they have had. Personally I liked it, and would certainly add it again to a bacon snack stick but I also thought they were a tad salty. We will get a video out on this and call it something like “Ultimate Bacon Snack Stick” or something that makes people feel like they are going to die if they don’t watch the video…you know, normal stuff for us!

    Sorry guys, I have been doing computer work all day and the crazy just sort of builds up if I don’t let it out!

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