• Hello, so last week I smoked 10 lbs of cheddar smokies and I stuffed my casings but did not tie the ends. Some of the casings pulled back during the smoking process but they still came out great. So this time I stuffed the casings and I tied off the ends and hung them in the smoker. Well once the temp his 160 I threw them in an ice bath and let them hang overnight and I noticed that at the ends of some there was a soft jelly like material that could not drain and I lost parts of the smokies. So how does everyone pack their casings or why could I be doing wrong? Now mind you they came out great other that those areas. ![1_1600696388805_2946F33A-5D7A-4F5B-99C2-DAA82CAD3990.jpeg](Uploading 5%) ![0_1600696388804_6DF0CAB8-1109-42BA-9067-29D94C535043.jpeg](Uploading 5%)

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    Did you have a drying period with no smoke? Did you use the ladder? 125 drying period for 1 hour? 140 for 1 hour- with smoke, 155 for 2 hours? then 175 til you hit internal temp you want. Also did you use a binder - Like sure gel?

  • I used the hi mountain snack stick kit. I started them at like 120 for an hour or so then bumped them up about 10 degrees each hour until I got around 200 to get it to 160. I don’t get a lot of smoke unless I hit around 200. Which is fine because I don’t want too smoky of a flavor. But the fluid like substance was almost like all the fat fell to the bottom of the smokie and sat there.

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    I am sure others will chime in, how was your protein extraction during the mix?

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    Cbeach2 Yeah, I think lkrfletcher is on the right track, it sounds like you have some “fat out” which is just where some of your fat renders out of the meat and drips down. Depending on how much renders out it can range from just a little extra cleanup in the drip pan all the way to a dry and not very tasty snack stick. Sounds like you are probably more on the mild annoyance scale but if you use a binder like Sure Gel or Super Bind, or even Soy Protein Blend and mix your meat a little longer you will fix that. Also, if you go much past 70/30 (lean to fat) you are going to experience some rendering almost no matter what you do.

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