New to me hobart grinder.

  • Team Orange

    I scored this hobart 4822 fs for $400 locally. Was worried about how it would do since it was a 22 size compared to my cables meat grinder with a 32 throat. Well i couldn’t be more happy. This thing is a tank. I can’t feed it fast enough. Only downside was it didn’t have a pan. So with help of a Waltons meat lug lid and a jig saw we now have a temporary fix.



  • Power User

    after looking at the picture great score I think that a steam table or roasting pan with a prop at the back end epoxied to it (don’t use screws because of contamination ) and you will have a grinder that will be used by your grand kids

  • Regular Contributors

    Nice. I picked up a 1612 for $100 on Craigslist. Its was practically brand new. I had to replace the Capacitor, and had to replace the Centrifugal switch with a electronic switch. Works like a charm ever since. Best thing sinced sliced bread, literally.
    Cost me like $175 total.

  • Team Blue

    bubba_mcnabb We use a 1950’s Hobart slicer at the shop that was literally pulled from an apple picking bin after being outdoors for a decade or more. All it needed was a thorough cleaning and it’s worked flawlessly since. Hobart is simply the best!

  • Old commercial grade equipment can be great stuff. Amazing to find that parts are often still available for equipment that is 50 years old.

    Have been using this vintage Hobart grinder/ buffalo chopper for 20 plus years.

    DSCN3037 (Small).JPG

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    Bubba Bubba Yeah that is a serious grinder, it’ll outdo any #32 retail grinder ever made! Our #22 pro-cut in our test kitchen is a true beast, it just chugs through things like you can’t believe! Difference in a $500 vs $1,600 piece of equipment. Also, that is ALL the pro-cut does. Want to stuff off of it? Yeah, sorry no, want to hook up a patty maker, ugh ugh, it just grinds!

  • Team Orange

    processhead I’ve always wanted to try a Buffalo chopper and make hotdogs. Would like a HEALTHIER option for my four kids that only like Mac n cheese and hot dogs🤦♂️. You use it often?

  • bubba_mcnabb

    I use it 4 or 5 times a year.

    A chopper give you an opportunity to make some of the finer textured emulsified sausages.

    So far I have used it for making braunschweiger and for making snack sticks.

    I would like to try and make some authentic weisswurst sometime.

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