Turkey andouille

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    Hey all, we just got done harvesting our turkeys this year and wanted to try making andouille sausage from our own home grown turkeys. I know that the fat content has to be higher, but I was wondering if anyone has done this yet or had any tips? I have cold phosphate, sure gel, and carrot fiber on hand; As well as Walton’s andouille seasoning mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Benjamminn First, great name, clever and took me a second! So, first thing you could do is to add pork fat to get to about 25% fat but it sort of seems like you are not wanting to do that? If that is the case and you are going to make it fresh (this is how it is designed but you could add cure and smoke it, the salt content is high enough on the seasoning) then carrot fiber is your best choice along with the cold phosphate. If you are going to make it cured then I would consider swapping out Carrot Fiber for Super Bind which is a combination of carrot fiber and potato starch. The potato starch forms a gel at around 130° which is the temp that most meats really start to expel water, I’m not 100% sure if Turkey is the same but I’d imagine it is the same range.

    I’m guessing you have already checked out https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/415/how-to-make-a-juicy-homemade-turkey-bratwurst ? If not, then there is some pretty useful information there.

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    Jonathon We would ideally like to keep It leaner, but we are not opposed to adding fat. If we mixed with 50% shoulder and we left skin on during grind. I’m using 2.5lbs turkey + 2lbs pork shoulder + 0.5lbs shrimp. Does this sound like the fat content will be high enough?

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    Benjamminn I have never used turkey skin in a brat so I am not sure how that will go, I have a feeling even grinding it through a 1/8 plate is going to leave you with some shredds of it, but like I said, I have never done it so I can’t say for sure. As far as fat content with 55% Lean and 45% having about 30% fat content you will be on the lighter side of what I would recommend but if you use carrot fiber and cold phosphate you should be all good!

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