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    Ok folks need some help here…I have a Weber Smokey Mountain that i use a BBQ Guru PartyQ to regulate the temp on and it does a great job. Here’s the dilemma, I have a Weber Summitt Charcoal and I’d like to use a Guru on it but I’m TERRIFIED to go drilling a hole in the side of the double walled kettle. Anyone out there using one on a weber summitt?

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    @Weber I tagged the weber group for you, good luck, that is a dilemma!

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    the only webber i own is a gas grill but i think that you would need to sleeve the drill hole and then mount the thermostat in it

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    I have done a lot of custom controls on a variety of smokers and coolers. One thing I do before drilling and cutting any steel is do trial runs with just temporary placement of sensors and heat sources.

    After I know something will function correctly, then I start planning the permanent installation.

    I never rush the planning phase, because I want to avoid making a big hole only to find out something I can’t see is in the way . Usually a do a lot of measurements on the inside and outside.

    On a double walled box, once I know where I think I want an opening, I will drill a tiny pilot hole, maybe 3/32nd" and just through the first layer. Then I use a tiny wire to probe the hole and make sure there are no wires, structures or other obstacles between the inner and outer skin of the cabinet.

    Once I have determined nothing is in the way, I drill all the way through with the pilot bit and then complete the hole to the final dimensions.

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