• I just noticed that Sure gel contains phosphate so should you not add cold phosphate in addition to Sure gel? I did this in my elk snack sticks and was just wondering if there would be any adverse effects?

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    MTArcher So the main adverse effect will be that neither will be as effective as they are working against each other. The pH is supposed to drop with the Encapuslated Citric Acid which makes it easier for the nitrate to do it’s job and act as a cure accelerator. As pH goes up the meat is more capable of bonding water. I’ve done this a few times and never had any disastrous results but in general I would just switched to Sure Gel instead of the Cold Phosphate or ditch the Encapuslated Citric Acid and hold the product for 12 hours after stuffing but before smoking.

  • Thanks Jonathon. Didn’t think about the opposite effects on pH of the cold phosphate and the encapsulated citric acid. That makes sense. 50 lbs of snack sticks down and 25 more to go!

  • As Sure Gel is milk based, does it contain lactose?

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    MTArcher “Because whey contains lactose, it should be avoided by those who are lactose intolerant. When used as a food additive, whey can contribute to quantities of lactose far above the level of tolerance of most lactose-intolerant individuals.” from Wikipedia. It looks like it contains reduced lactose whey powder, but still contains lactose. hose sensitive to lactose may feel its effects.

  • Thanks for your help.

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