• Bare with me guys as I am rand new to this and know nothing, but have a few questions.
    First is I would like to make a small batch of jalapeño cheddar antelope brats, I don’t know what pork I should use and what ratio. I was going to use 3 pounds of antelope meat that already has 10% fat added so as it sits, its a 90/10 ratio from the meat processors.

    Second question is I cant ever find the type of sausage I used to smoke and would just cut up and eat with spicy BBQ sauce so I want to make my own. Would be shaped like a polish sausage but had a different flavor. The good old fashioned kind you get on your plate at a bbq restaurant is what I am after. However all I see is seasoning for brats or Italian seasoning. If I haven’t confused you yet, I hope you can point me in the right direction here. Thanks guys.

    3rd and final question, I just became very interested in the hobby the other day after helping my brother do some things with his elk. Im just looking for recommendations for meat grinder, sausage stuffer and meat mixer. Plus anything else you may suggest I need. Thanks for a great place to get started!

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    GODUCKS Welcome to the addiction! Back fat from pork is the best fat to use with sausage, most butchers will have some for sale but I dont think most grocery store butcher departments will. If you can’t find that a 0/50 mix with untrimmed pork butts will get you close to the 70-30/80-20 range which is where you want to be.

    You might be talking about Hot Links as they are often served with BBQ platters in BBQ joints. If not then Blue Ribbon is our best selling and has a very classic taste BUT in my mind it doesnt match up to what you are saying so I would suggest going with a Jerry’s Brat

    I like the 11 lb sausage stuffer for a stuffer, has a smaller piston so it is easier to crank but 11 lb at a time i still pretty good. For a grinder rrecommendation I’d need to know more, what size batches are you doing, what type of product? I’d recommend you look through Meatgistics University for some helpful information (or at least attempts to be helpful!)

    Let us know!

  • Jonathon your reply stated 0/50 mix with untrimmed pork butts, could you please clarify. Thanks for the help.

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    I think you should look at the German sausage seasoning.

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    GODUCKS Sorry, sorry, I was trying to respond to that on my laptop at lunch and I stink at typing on that thing! 50/50 is what I meant to type. So, if you are using 3 lb of antelope, use 3 lb of untrimmed pork butts. How’s antelope for sausage by the way? Kurt from Back Country Hunters and Anglers was just on the podcast again (one that comes out Monday) and he is in love with the things! Speaking of this upcoming Podcast I will be interested in what people think of it. I had maybe 1 more than was good for me and went on a mini rant, but it came from a good place I think!

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    Tex_77 said in A few questions:

    I think you should look at the German sausage seasoning.

    That’s also where I would start if I were looking for a “barbecue joint” flavor that isn’t “hot” spicy and then adjust from there if you want. That said, the Hot Link blend that Jonathon mentioned is good stuff!

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