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  • I am making my first attempt on snack sticks this weekend. I am wanting to make a 10 lb batch first just to make sure it turns out ok. I am using carrot fiber for my binder but wasn’t sure if I need to still add water (as is states for the sure gel). My last question is do I cut them to length before or after I smoke them? Thanks in advance

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    mrod you’ll still need to add water with carrot fiber. About 1 pint. Then smoke your sticks in as long of lengths as you can. Cut to length after smoking.

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    mrod Carrot fiber is going to keep more moisture in the product and snack sticks are a semi-dried product, so you might have a little issue with the texture but it should still be okay but in the future use sure gel, soy protein, or super bind when making a cured sausage. Yes, cut them to length for the smoker, you will be able to fit more of them on a stick then if you loop them at the top and the bottom.

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