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    I am getting ready to purchase the pk100. Probably within the next year. I made some killer andouille this weekend in the masterbuilt 30 inch smoker with the smoke generator. I am curious to know if the pk 100 will make a heavy smoke that is required to make true cajun andouille. I use 3 different types of wood, hickory, pecan, and oak to make the smoke for the andouille. The combination of wood is necessary to get the desired saste. The final product is very close to what is sold by a few local merchants.

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    I used the PK100 yesterday for the first time. One of the things that was surprising is the amount of smoke it generates. It uses sawdust instead of Chips - wet them down according t Walton’s review and it did pretty incredible.

    This link answered a lot of my questions.

    Johnathan can offer much more input, as he has probably used it a few hundred times.

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    no_eyes_processor The only thing I’d want to make sure of is that you don’t use pellets in it, the PK100 doesn’t react well with pellets and I believe it to be a pressure bleed issue. The PK is really well insulated and apparently burning pellets release more energy, I have heard of a customer who blew his door off of his PK100 by using pellets. If that is an exaggeration I don’t know but I do know the door had to be replaced.

    As far as the “heaviness” of the smoke I can say that I think the PK100 puts the best smoke flavor and color onto smoke out of any of the smaller smokers I have used, it really is an awesome little unit!

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    You’ll have no trouble at all. I get plenty of smoke flavor from my PK 100. One bowl full makes for some pretty heavy smoke. You might need to stir or tamp down the contents of the bow after a couple hours, but that’s really not a problem at all.

    Do use sawdust. Don’t use chips or pellets. I know everyone says to wet the sawdust, but I haven’t seen that make any difference at all, so I don’t bother with it anymore.

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