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    Can get my sausage to budge. It has been stuck at 145 I keep checking every half hour, but it still holding 145. A few of them finished before the others and the rest are stuck. I’m finishing at 180. Is it possible they finished with the rest, and I’m over cooking them, because I see oils leeching out of them…?

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    Benjamminn You could have case hardening. That is when the outside of the sausage either dries or cooks too quickly and then wont pass heat effectively to the interior of the sausage. The 3 best things to do would be to add humidity, pull it from the smoker and finish it up sous vide style (both of those are covered in this video/article https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/1099/cured-sausage-205-advanced-thermal-processing) or, you could raise the temp of the smoker. For them to be finished but not reading you’d have to have had a pretty serious failure on your thermometer, more likely is that they are stalled out and possibly case hardened.

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    Well I wound up ramping up 10 degrees and it broke and hit 160. I think your correct that the casings hardened and prevented the heat from exchanging. Still taste amazing too. We used turkey and chicken with cold phosphate to increase moisture. It is seriously some of the best andouille I have had. Thanks for the help

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