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    Ok so Waltons Inc. has the wood sawdusts that I need. Now the wife wants to know if there is a way to hang sausage and smoke sticks in the pk100. Being that I am totally blind I have heard Jonathon and Austin speak about hanging on smoke sticks. Which ones are needed for the pk100 and where do they go? Again I know this is an easy question but not seeing pictures don’t work. Any help is appreciated. ALso, I asked a few questions about the pk100 to Jonathon and he answered. I now have another and wonder if anyone can help. THe smoker that I am using now starts at 100 degrees. When you unplug it and plug it back in it is at 100. How does the pk100 work? Does it go back to the lowest setting? Does it go to the last setting used? Can you press the down arrow repeatedly until it gets to the lowest setting? I need to know this since I will often be alone when using the smoker and really don’t like to ask for help unless totally necessary. I guess posts to the list are ok about this but if anyone would rather I can be reached by email at Again, any help is appreciated. One more thing, I made authentic cajun andouille last weekend and am trying andouille snack sticks this weekend. If they work I would be happy to share the recipe.

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    I use dowels just like I did in my other smoker before the PK100.


    I just ran out to the garage to test the “turn on” setting and it does go to the last set temp. However, you need to reset the temp (push set button twice) to get your drying temp first.
    for snack sticks:
    125 for 1 hour (drying period)
    140 for 1 hour (begin smoke)
    155 for 2 hours
    175 - till you hit internal temp of 160

    The temp setting is easily set by pressing the set button twice, then up or down to what temp you want.
    It is all spelled out really well in the Walton’s PK100 review which I am sure you have seen on you-tube.

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    lkrfletcher He is totally blind, so the pictures and video may not help unless his wife is looking at them. You have good information though.

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    You can place smoke sticks on the same brackets that the shelves rest on. I asked Pro Smoker about what to use for smoke sticks, and they advised cutting half-inch dowels to seventeen-and-one-half inches long. I did that, and it worked perfectly. I used hickory dowels because I found a good price, but any untreated wood should do.

    Also regarding setting the temperature, you need to press the set button again after you adjust the temperature. Otherwise, it doesn’t take.

    The minimum temperature is 60 degrees F.

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    no_eyes_processor I’ve checked this out before and even contacted the manufacturer to see if there is a way to get it to hard reset but there is not, when you turn it off and on the PK will revert to its most recent temperature setting. Wooden dowels are the easiest way to hang in this smokehouse, just make sure it is really well sanded wood with no splinters!

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