just going to go for it

  • PK100

    Thanks for the info Jonathon. I’m not going to let the temp thing stand in my way. I do have the meater thermometer that I purchased from walton’s inc. I’ll just use the app on my iphone and adjust according to the reading of the ambient temp. While doing this I will just have to keep in mind that the temp can vary from what the unit is set on. It’s workable. I don’t want to give up getting a quality smoker just for this problem. I appreciate everyones patience. There may be times that someone is around and I can always ask but knowing what I am up against I can be prepared. Thanks again.

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    no_eyes_processor I forgot we tested the Meater + to make sure it would do that (I was so worried I was going to screw that up!) I think you are making the right decision, I have yet to have someone have serious regrets about the PK100 other than people trying to use it as a commercial smoker. It just doesn’t have the capacity ability other than for small test batches or R&D for a commercial operation. Good luck and let us know if you need anything!

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    You will love it. It is a good one for sure! - I got no regrets

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