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  • I thought I saw a while ago that you should consider the weight of all your ingredients to equal the total weight of the batch. I.E. meat,seasoning, cheese, additional items equal one 25 lbs. Batch. Is this correct? Or is it 25lbs of meat plus everything else equals one batch.

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    I’ve always understood and spoken in terms of the meat block, so a “25 pound batch” of sausage is 25 pounds of meat (and supplemental fat, if need be) plus whatever other ingredients went in.

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    TexLaw I would Second this.

  • TexLaw That’s what I thought. Must have been some bad Bourbon.
    Or a lot of the good stuff.

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    RatguyGary This is a bit of a tricky one because we (Walton’s) think that if you are making a 25 lb batch then you would start with 25 lb of meat and fat (meaning like 18 lb of lean and 7 lb of fat) BUT Walton’s also does a ton of business with commercial processors (retail is growing but still the smaller side of the business) and I know of a few of them who will factor in seasoning and additives into the 25 lb. So, they would say use 22 lb of meat and fat and 3 lb of seasoning. I also know of 1 deer processor who factors in the water he adds. In the end either is correct, they will give you different products but not vastly different. So, personal preference.

    Good question!

  • I’ve always included the fat as part of the total weight for adding seasonings. I like things spicy and will usually add a bit more seasoning than called for as well. I would say if you like a good amount of seasoning, your better off including your fat in the “25lb”.

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