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    Good morning friends,
    I have been thinking for several weeks about getting a meat mixer that will attach to a grinder. I have an adequate grinder, but it’s off brand and very likely won’t fit a mixer adapter. So it looks like I’m in the market for both a grinder and a mixer. The trouble I’m finding during my research is that most places won’t tell you exactly which combinations will work together.

    I have come to really trust the Waltons brand and the people in these forums. That said, could you recommend any particular combinations in the #22-32 range?

    Thanks for the help. Go team orange.

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    I am sure the Waltons guys will chime in in a bit to give you the correct info.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    jeffchris83 So, we can give you some information on ours and westons but that would really be it as that is all we carry. Our new 50 lb mixer will work with both our new Grinders (hopefully 2nd week of November) and the Weston Butcher and Pro Series grinders. Now, it will hook up to a #12 with but they say not to use it on anything smaller than a #22, do with that information what you will. The Weston 44 lb will also works with both Weston Pro and Butcher Series grinders and our Grinders when they get in stock, which obviously can’t come soon enough! TeamBlue for the win!

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    jeffchris83 I would recommend a #22 and the 50 mixer. #32s are great but they generally jump at least $100 and unless you are consistently doing huge batches the speeding up of the grind isn’t a big enough factor to warrant that increase, instead you can use that money elsewhere. That however is just my opinion, if you feel like getting a #32 go for it, they are more powerful and you can grind quicker.

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