• Just did a 25 pound batch of snack sticks this past week and did most of them in a hot water bath to finish after smoking to about 140 degrees. That worked out well. However I left a few strands to finish in the smoker following the recommended schedule and it took almost 9 hours! When they reached 160 they were so dry they were almost like Jerky. I’m I missing something? Should it take that long? Any ideas would be welcome.

  • May I ask how long did it take to get to 140 degs. ??
    I’m having same difficulty. I have to stop smoking at about 3 hour point so casing don’t get to dried out.
    I’m beginning to think it is the smoker wild temp swings and not the process in my case at least.
    Sorry I can’t help .

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    RatguyGary A few things could be your culprit. What did you do to add humidity to the smoker? I am guessing you got case hardening, which is where the outside either cooks or dries too quick and it cannot send any more heat to the center of the sausage. Ive had summer sausage take that long but never snack sticks. That was one of the reasons we loved the “finish in water” thing

  • No humidity as that was not mentioned in the smoking instructions for snack sticks. My bad. When should you start adding the humidity? Right after the drying cycle? And is this the same for all smoking sessions?
    How long on average does it take for 19mm. snack sticks to reach 160 deg. Using your recommend smoking times.?

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    RatguyGary So there are a lot of factors but in general I am done with snack sticks in no more than 6 hours. I am going to update the “How to” article with a link to the Matgistics University Section for Cured Sausages where you can get information on humidity. Here is a link to the one for advanced thermal processing https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/1099/cured-sausage-205-advanced-thermal-processing/ Yes, after the drying stage start adding humidity and smoke.

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    RatguyGary pitboss pro series has a water pan in the bottom…$400 at lowes. bought this last summer. excellent results with pork ribs, butt and beef briscuit. most recent endeavor, summer sausage, 3, 10 lbs batches have thoroughly impressed my veteran smoker friends…follow waltons instruction to a T and cant go wrong! about 7 hrs, 1 hr at 120, 1 hr at 140, 2 hrs at 155, then 165 or 170 until IT of 160ish, + or- 3 degrees. these are 16 oz. 1.5 " casings…PERFECT EVERYTIME!

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