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    I’m looking at buying a sous vide after last nights fail (x2). I tried to do a corned beef sealed in a food saver bag in the nesco within 2 hours bag blew out the side. I put it in the smoker for three hours almost no smoke more to dry out the boiled brisket. I got the nesco down to 190 with two different thermometers thought I was safe so tried again sure [censored] that bag blew out the side sometime over night meats done but not sure how it’s going to taste. Do I need special vacuum bags so this doesn’t happen again? Also can I fit a brisket in the Waltons plastic container?

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    detter22 A Walton’s meat lug should hold a brisket no problem. You shouldn’t need any special bags when doing sous vide. For short cooks you can get away with zip lock bags. If doing something at a higher heat for a longer period such as a brisket or pork shoulder, I’d definitely go with a vacuum bag, but any vacuum bag should work.

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    detter22 Yeah, nothing I can think of would cause the bah to blow out like that, unless I am misunderstanding? The only thing I can think of is bad seals along the edges of those bags

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    I agree with Jonathon . It sounds more like a problem with the seal than the bag (although a cruddy bag could have a problem sealing). Try doubling up your seal. That’s what I do when I want to make dadgum sure that the seal holds. I seal like I always do, then move the bag just a hair and seal again so that the second one just overlaps with the first. That always holds.

    As far as a brisket fitting in a Walton’s meat lug, it might or might not. A flat or a point would be no problem at all. A full brisket should work, but a large one might be a tight fit. I’ve seen some 18-20 pound monster briskets, lately, and I might be worried about keeping enough water in there! LOL

    Actually, the larger issue with the meat lug is mounting the sous vide wand. The rim of the meat lug is too broad for just about any wand to mount with its own attached “holder thingy” (I’m not quite through my first coffee, so cut me some vocabulary slack LOL). It shouldn’t be much of a job to rig something up to hold the wand where it needs to be, but that’s something you’d want to deal with before go time.

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    Searing after 'Sous Vide". Just wondering what you pros use for searing meat after sous viding the product? My kitchen torch took a dump and am planning on upgrading to a larger unit.

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    My natural gas grill gets up to over 700° so that is what I use to sear.

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    I use the grill as HerbcoFood suggested but also use a SCREAMING hot cast iron pan. If I do cast iron or grill I normally give it an ice bath so it allows me a little more time to get that maillard reaction just the way I like it without overcooking the steak

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    Jonathon detter22 I’m with jonathan. The original seal was not proper. I’ve never had one blow out on me while sous vide or a simmer. If you wanted to be 100% sure, just double seal it in 2 diff places. As a further precaution, make sure all surfaces in the “sealing area” are clean and dry. Good luck.

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