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    On October 24 I made traditional andouille sausage and smoked it. It came out perfect. On October 31 I tried to duplicate it again. Same process and grind as before but this time shen you slice the andouille the meat falls out of the casing. I used beef middle casing and tried to follow the same smoke schedule. In places andouille is made just as sausage is. The product that you purchase in La. for the most part has chopped boston butt rather than ground. I used the plate that goes on my #32 drinder. The plate has 8 holes. Like I said the first time perfect the last time no so perfect. Still tastes good but just not right. ANy thoughts or ideas for next time?

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    I’d imagine the second time you had a failure to get a good bind. Was the mixing different or did you use a binder in the 1st and not the second? If you are talking about the sausage falling away from the casing that could also have something to do with casing preparation but I am reading this more as you the sausage was falling apart and not binding to itself.

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