• I ran my new Weston pro #32 for 5-10min and the auger bearing cooked… I followed the assembly and meat prep and operating instructions to a t. Emailed Weston for help and still have not received a response. The website says the part is out of stock… any thoughts on what to do next so I can actually use my machine and not void warranty or lose the $800 + I just dumped on this product and have several hogs to butcher…
    As far as performance, the grinder worked great for the few min I actually got to use it.

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    Glass mountain farms What is that? I am sorry I am having trouble seeing that. The #22 I have doesn’t have a washer if that is what that is? Let me know, I am going to go look through parts!

    Did you buy this from us? If so I can try to nudge Weston but that may or may not be successful with their recent stock issues.

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    I checked and we do not have any for a Weston #32 grinder. We have Torey thrust washers but those look much thicker than what yours looks like.

  • It’s what I found when I pulled the auger out after grinding. The parts catalog shows a washer style bearing but the machine came with what looks to be a pressed in plastic piece (already installed in the housing) there was no washer style bearing in the packaging when I opened it that can be removed. I think it got hot and came apart leaving the ring you see in pic, the rest is still in the housing. I’ll add another pic if I can figure out how

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    Glass mountain farms I checked through our scrap parts and obsolete parts as well and don’t have a washer for a Weston #32, sorry! Hopefully, you have luck with Weston. Let me know the diameter of the auger that the thrust washer goes around and we can see if it matches the Torrey. I still don’t think it will work as it is too thick but it might be worth looking at as that could be sanded or ground down

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