• Yearling

    We are about to butcher an old cow so the thought was just to grind everything. We don’t quite need that much ground beef so was wondering if anyone has ever had any luck with all beef summer sausage, brats, or ring bologna. Those are the things we do with our venison each year and always have a venison, pork ratio of course but not sure how the all beef would turn out. All thoughts welcome.

    Thank you

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    AlexR Yup, all beef summer sausage is fairly common in some areas of the country. Some well known commercial customers of ours do just 100% all-beef summer sausage. Now, I think you’d be a little happier with the finished product if you were to add some pork fat but that’s a preference thing. Grind that old cow!

  • Team Blue

    AlexR We produce 100% beef summer sausage and snack stick at the shop I work at and it turns out great…I’d prefer some pork but we have a portion of clientele that won’t eat pork for religious reasons so beef it is!

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