Meatgistics Podcast: Meat the Owner

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    Meatgistics Podcast: Meat the Owner

    Each week, Jon and Austin break out and critique a new beer and different sausage while they discuss everything about meat. Follow along as they talk about their favorite recipes and share some of the best expert tips and tricks for making sausage and jerky. Stay up to date on the latest news and current trends in the meat industry as Jon and Austin explore everything related to meat and more.

    Beautiful Beverages

    Jonathon enjoyed a Crane Brewing Sour Ale with hatch chile called Lady Midday. We know Jon has a love of all things Crane Brewing and Sour beer so this was a match made in heaven and Brett had a Hazy IPA known as Hop Wizard from Odd13 Brewing, he’s a huge fan of IPA’s so he was pleased with this selection.

    What we talked about

    Jon was joined by Owner of Walton’s, Brett Walton. They touched on a little of everything, from the origins of Walton’s to how we currently ship out all the products you love today. So sit back, relax and grab a beer and listen to find out if Jon was finally able to get those adoption papers signed to become the next Walton!

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    It was a great podcast! On the Pa’s with brisket, is the injection as good as the Marinade? Has Brett had the Argentinean BBQ Marinade?

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    Jonathon Great show, really enjoyed it. For those of us that will probably never get down to Waltons, would it be possible to do a video of not only the shipping area, but a video tour of the whole place. I think many “meat heads” would enjoy it, I know I would.

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    kyle For sure! Check with us for our Big Monday (Cyber Monday) Livestream, we are going to have some video of those guys running around like mad as they try to fill orders and then we will have a camera pointing down the line as packages are shipped that we will switch too every once in a while to give “updates” @tex and Kyle thank you for the compliment, Brett is a great guest, I am positive this won’t be the last time you see him on this podcast

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    Yep… Great podcast. Papa Brett is a great guest. Enjoyed meeting and chatting with him back at Pheasant Fest. His attention to detail and especially the dreaded BO’s was something I can relate to. Same deal with my employer. Talked about daily. All supplier issues. We just work around it the best we can and focus on the the products we have in house. Can 2020 be over yet! :thinking_face: :face_with_head_bandage: :mask: :face_with_thermometer: :sneezing_face:

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    PapaSop December 32nd 2020 is coming!

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