• Second batch of cured, smoked sausage this weekend. Turned out great. Once again used the Willies Snack Stick seasoning with ECA and cure. Only made summer sausage in fibrous casings because I’m stuffing from my grinder and 19mm casings are a PIA to stuff with that set up. Only a 6lb batch with 50/50 chuck/pork butt.

    Used a 125 degree drying step (1 hour), then stepped up thru 155 (2 hours), 175 (2hours), and then 195 til done (160 internal temp). I had a little wrinkling of the casings after placing in the ice water bath, but not too bad.

    Grind looks great as well; need to step up to bigger batches because the whole family digs these!!
    C6ACC49D-4818-423F-802B-BC4576598DD4.jpeg 21DD56BE-F6EF-4180-A192-601679400A9F.jpeg 2688779B-5680-4E62-8103-6135641D4FBB.jpeg

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Looks great. I have to try the Willie’s in next batch of summer sausage. Perfect for sticks, can’t imagine the sausage not being good.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    dayjm1 Looks good man! There are a couple of what I will affectionately call “original” Walton’s employees (some would call them Old Timers but I certainly would never be so crass!) who do this and swear by it!

  • dayjm1 Mmm… looks mighty tasty!

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