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  • Jonathon, I have read in some past posts that you have tried finishing Summer Sausage using sous vide. Would this work the same for any smoked sausage? And, how about you guys doing a Meatgistics University video showing the process?

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    Miller I don’t see any reason that it wouldn’t work with other cured sausages, I have done it with summer, snack sticks and bologna and was happy with all of them. We cover it in but almost tangentially and you are right, it probably needs it own video where we show the entire process and not only that but also a comparison between this and doing it in the smoker the entire time. We will do the test from the same batch, just pull some out of smoker and finish in water, some will go in bags and some won’t and we will compare it to the sausage that stays in the smoker the entire time. We will also cover it a little tomorrow during our weekly Meatgistics live stream where the topic will be smoke schedules and the stall, it fits in nicely there I think.

    The Meatgistics Livestream is every Thursday at 3 pm at and, unlike our Waltons live stream, this one will focus far more on meat processing and not as much on giveaways and tangents!

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