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    In case anyone is looking for something to listen to and you enjoy History I can not recommend Dan Carlins Hardcore History highly enough! He does incredibly deep dives with a series of long podcasts, they take him about 6 months to do and each one is usually around 3 hours so it is probably closer to an audio book but MAN do I love this!

    His current series is Supernova in the East and it is about the Pacific theater of WWII and he has just released the 5th installment.

    Couple others that are worth it (some will be free and some wont be but even the ones that cost are inexpensive and totally worth it)

    • Wrath of the Kahns
    • Blueprint for armageddon (WW1)
    • King of Kings (ancient history)
    • Prophets of doom (amazing story about something called Anabaptists!)

    So, anyone looking for something to listen to check him out!

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