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    I ready to make my first batch of venison snack sticks. I have a lot of bacon that I have cured and smoked and thought I would use it as my fat source, and I have a few questions.

    1. The bacon was cured when I prepared it for cold smoke so is it necessary to cure it again? Or do I cure the venison and then add the bacon?
    2. I am not sure how to calculate the amount of bacon to add for fat so I will show my math and be happy with any comments I get for help.

    I plan to make a 5# batch.

    I read online that venison is about 90/10 and bacon 55/45 lean/fat.

    3lb of venison @ 90% = 2.7lb lean
    3lb of venison @ 10% = 0.3lb fat

    2lb of bacon @ 55% = 1.1lb lean
    2lb of bacon @ 45% = 0.9 lb fat

    1.2 total fat/5.0lb total meat = 24% fat

    Are there any issues with my math or the way I am looking at this?

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    i would recommend that you use pork butts to add some pork and pork fat it will give you a better consistency and flavor

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