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    I used the search feature looking for the answer but didnt find much.

    Does any one brine/smoke/slice whole turkey breasts for sandwich deli meat? I’ve seen the meatgistics video about restructured deli meats but Im looking for something a little more simple. I was thinking simple 3%salt/2%sugar dry brine, smoke it to temp and slice it against the grain for sandwiches. I fear this may make the meat incredibly dry? How bout a suitable IT to take the meat to? 165?

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    deanlorensen Yeah, that would be my thought as well. I’d think you’d want to add some phosphates and overpump it with water a little to mitigate that. Whatever solution you come up with I’d either make sure it has phosphates or add some. One note is that adding phosphates increases the pH of the meat which will shorten its shelf life a little.

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