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    I viewed the video on youtube for tinder jerky. I noticed that sugar was used to make the jerky tinder. It seems like a lot of sugar. Won’t that change the tasee of the final product? Also, Jonathon says to use a tumbler. I don’t have one so I was thinking about putting the jerky in a vacuum bag over night. Will this help? Just a note, I don’t care how jerky is, tough or not. My wife and others rather it not be tough.

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    no_eyes_processor Yes, it absolutely changes the taste as well as the texture but with the Waltons bold and bloody mary I liked it with more sugar (huge surprise) so that wasn’t an issue. We went over 3 method for marinating the meat and getting it to pick up as much of the solution as possible in this post https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/2271/tender-jerky-using-home-equipment Long story short, just letting it sit in the solution overnight isn’t very effective, vac sealing is better and vac sealing and then occasionally massaging the meat through the bag is the most effective way (outside of a vacuum tumbler) to get your meat to pick up the solution.

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