• Team Orange

    I noticed that none of the new grinders have the reverse option. For the price you would think one of them would offer it. Now I am debating if this is a deal breaker for me. It’s disappointing after waiting for the temporary out of stock grinders with reverse options to be back in stock, yet still out of stock.
    What are some of your thoughts about the absence of reverse on new grinders?

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Green Mountain Grill Masterbuilt

    PJohn It definitely should NOT be a deal breaker, I have had a Butcher series #22 for 2 years and have yet to use the reverse while actually using the grinder. Tried it when I first got the grinder just because other than that I have never used it. I don’t have the big mixer you can hook it up to but even if I did I wouldn’t use reverse as the motors and gears just aren’t meant to be run in reverse for more than a few seconds anyway. Just my thoughts but if I was in the market for a new grinder I wouldn’t let no reverse be a reason I didn’t buy a particular one.

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    Totally agree with AdamCA . I brought this same issue up with either Austin or Jon at the time I bought the #22 Butcher series. When attached to a mixer they were running it in reverse for a minute or longer. After they contacted Westin they were told the mixers are designed to run in forward. I had noticed the warning sticker on the grinder saying not to run in reverse for more than a few seconds. Have never used it since. Personally I don’t see a need for it.

  • Team Orange

    AdamCA Thank you for your response!

  • Team Orange

    PapaSop Thank you for sharing!

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    Speaking of the new grinders… They are here! The container is unloaded and we have hundreds and hundreds of them ready and waiting to go out. The conveyor line in the warehouse is completely full of meat grinders getting shipped out today!

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    PJohn I know many people have this concern, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Just as PapaSop stated, there really isn’t a big need for the reverse and most people never need it or use it. Enough people are asking for reverse though that we are exploring adding it in down the road, but if we did, we would say the same thing as now for other grinders where that it shouldn’t be run in reverse for more than a few seconds at a time. Even in mixing, the mixers are designed to operate best in a forward motion. Mixing in reverse is not as effective and it should be done forward when hooked up to a grinder for powered mixing.

  • Team Orange

    Austin Thank You For sharing!

  • Yup, just got my shipping notification for one of the new grinders! Can’t wait. And Austin thanks for the confirmation regarding reverse.

  • Team Orange

    gChart Looking forward in reading your thoughts on your new toy! You

  • So look what just showed up today! New Walton’s #22. I knew it would be big, but I swear, this thing could probably grind up my old grinder. Will hopefully be running some venison snack sticks this weekend.


  • Team Orange

    A beast for sure. Looking forward to reading your review on its grinding capabilities!

  • Team Blue Canning

    gChart Working on those snack sticks yet? lol

  • Fat_Bob Oh yeah. I’m doing some trial runs, so this was just a 5 lb batch. It chewed through that meat in like 30 seconds! :grinning: Second grind was a breeze and was so fast I just did a third grind for fun (and because the “small” plate is still 4.5mm). They’re curing over night. I’ll smoke them tomorrow and post up a pic.

  • Power User PK100 Regular Contributors Team Grey

    PJohn not acceptable, my opinion. Every grinder should have that option. But maybe its my process that is the problem. I like to keep everything as cold as possible. So i am grinding meat at 50 -60% frozen and my pork fat 100% frozen. If i get a chunk of fat a bit too big it will stop the auger. This is where i need reverse. Dont happen often but none the less its needed for that scenario. Typically it chews right through it

  • Team Orange

    twilliams I was thinking to myself what if a hunk of meat or fat get caught would it not make sense to have reverse. You answered my mental question. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Team Blue Canning

    I don’t see you really needing reverse. I just got done grinding 9# of fresh horseradish root with a Weston #8. That’s like shoving a 2x2 in your grinder. Never once did it jam up and need to be reversed. Yes mine has reverse, but I did manage to all but burn it up! Yup, let the smoke out. LOL Glad the new #12’s are going on sale Tuesday! woot-woot, new toy coming up.

  • I’m no expert, but I’ve never needed reverse. I usually process 3 deer a year (mostly ground) and several pork shoulders to mix into the sausage. Never have I used reverse. I’m sure some people might have a need for it, but I don’t believe I do.

    The #22 ground up this stuff so fast. I wish I would have had it a month ago in time to do most of the venison grind for the year. I’ll still use it throughout the year as I grind more meat for sausage though.

    The sticks came out great. Used Willie’s seasoning, Sure Gel, and high temp Pepper Jack into 19mm smoked casings. Held overnight (no accelerator). Followed the recommended smoke schedule in my Pit Boss. Mmm.


  • Team Blue Canning Regular Contributors Power User

    gChart sticks look good. Makes me hungry. I also am in the camp of no reverse is not a big deal. in 15+ years, never said to myself “boy reverse would be nice”. My grinder I use now is the weston #12 butcher series and even half frozen meat don’t slow it down. It grinds as fast as I put it in.

  • Team Blue Canning

    gChart Those look great! Just don’t let Jon see them. lol

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