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    What are y’all averaging on cook times for summer sausage in the PK 100? I am following the schedule for drying, smoking, and cooking. I am using a water pan but no sponge yet. Just seems like a long time for them to get to temp. This weekend was my first with the PK 100 so I am still figuring this guy out. Thanks y’all!

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    1 hour at 120, 1 hour at 140, 3-4 hours at 155, 175 til internal temp. Remember that the PK100 shuts on and off as it reaches set temp. It is so well insulated that it takes a bit before it turns back on.

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    archhaymaker If its taking too long in the PK 100 I would suggest adding less water to your mix, using a sponge or aqua dry towel (big difference) or even better really is pulling it at 130° and finishing it up in 170° water. You’d need either a sous vide machine or a turkey fryer or something for that but it cuts hours and hours off of your cook schedule.

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    Thanks guys! I have a batch of sticks in now and am going to try the sponge tonight. Hopefully that will help with the stall. So far the summer sausage, sticks, and jerky I have made with this PK 100 have gotten rave reviews from my customers!

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    For snack sticks and smaller sausages the water bath method of cutting the cooking time down is dramatic. I use a large steam table pan on a double propane cooker and in a very short time I have the water to 165 degrees and in minutes the internal temp of the product is at 165 degrees and you are sure the whole batch is at the same temp.

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