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    Been awhile since i last posted here, or did any meat processing related stuff. Anyway, I wanted to go back to my last project i wanted to take on which was doing a hybrid bratwurst which consisted of a fine and coarse grind pork. From what i remember eating, was the brat seemed to have chunks of what looked like ham/cured pork in it.

    My idea is to do a small batch possibly 2:1 fine/coarse grind. Separate them and season them seperately. Then by weight, add cure#1 to the coarse grind seasoning and let set overnight. The next day combine the fine and coarse grind and thourghly mix, then stuff.

    Due to the texture of the coarse grind, i believe a long cook will be needed to tenderize it to the point it falls apart when you take a bite. So i think a long 36 hour sous vide bath at 155F will do the trick.

    Now, one question i have about my idea/method, is do i need the overnight cure or would mixing it and letting it cure overnight after being stuffed work?

    Thanks for reading, and any input would be great.

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    i would mix and stuff then hold stuffing will be harder after meat is cured

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