• Good afternoon,
    I have a question about venison sticks
    I make several different varieties of sticks and they always have turned out fantastic.

    Question is: with the last four batches of sticks the casings have not adhered to the meat.
    I cannot figure out what the issue could be.
    Any advice.

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Harry Bertram
    First thought is bad casings. Had that happen a couple years back. Was from a kit I bought. Won’t mention the name here. L E M Oops. Have used Walton’s collagen casings since and no issues. Possibly not enough protein extraction and lack of a binder as well.

  • PapaSop
    I’m leaning the same way as far as a binder
    And no that you say that made me think it may be a coincidence but all four of the batches have been the same casings that you had mentioned.
    And sticks That I have made in years prior have been with different brand casings.

    Thank you

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