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    Hi guys, seems like over the last few weeks there has been some frustration with some people getting all emails and some not getting any of them. 1st, there was an issue with the site that has been fixed, so if your issue was that you were NOT getting emails and you wanted them we think that is now fixed!

    If you do not want to see every single email that we send when something is posted here is what you should do. The first thing to check is to go to the Walton’s Community Page and check below all the subcategories and see if you are subscribed or not. Subscribing to this will give you updates on any new post in this entire category. Picture below shows me as not subscribed

    Next, you can go and subscribe or unsubscribe to individual sub categories like URGENT, which I am subscribed to in the picture below. This is a button at the top of the category page as pictured below.

    Lastly there is your settings. Go to your settings by clicking on your pic in the upper right hand of any page and go down to settings. Then you have all sorts of notifications you can change the settings to.

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