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    Got a few comments back on andouille. The first batch I made a few weeks was great. I gave it a shot yesterday. Since I am blind I didn’t know but my wife told me that the andouille wasn’t dark ibn color like the successful one was. This batch didn’t dry out, they stayed soft and there was a large amount of grease on the outsides. I used oak, pecan, and hickory and they really didn’t pick up the smoke taste that well. I misread an email that was sent and didn’t get them to 153 degrees as was suggested in the email. I can’t help but wonder if the extra time and heat wouldn’t fix the problems I had. Maybe I rushed things. Good thing is that it was from some pork that I got for .99 cents a pound. SO nothing but time and wood chips was wasted. I used the grill eye pro to keep track of the temp as I did before. I am learning that you shouldn’t try smoking projects when you are limited on time. I’m also going to purchase the pk100, probably before the week ends.

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    no_eyes_processor Sounds to me like you experienced some fat out, which usually means not enough protein extraction. That would also account for the lack of smoke flavor in my opinion. I think extra time in the smoker would have just made the situation worse as well. But alas, we live and learn from our mistakes so hopefully the next batch will be as good as your first.

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