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    While I have found that I have not had to add additional fat to the butts I have been processing into sausage, I have found that trying to obtain pork fat locally will cost about $3.50/lb. +

    We have a local butcher that will give you copious quantities of beef fat for free!

    While this is great for making hamburger, I was wondering if it provides the same flavor for pork sausage, and is there any reason not to use beef fat in pork sausage?

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    It would definitely be acceptable to use beef fat in place of pork fat, if that is your preference for either price, availability, or taste reasons. Beef fat will be different than pork though. It is partially a subjective topic though. In my opinion, pork fat will get you a better final product as it helps carry flavor better than beef fat, or other meats/fats. Using pork fat over beef fat is ultimately just an opinion though and using beef fat is not a wrong thing to do. There could even be many people who like the beef fat flavor better.

    If it is easier for you to get and use beef fat, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out with a small batch and see what you think. Whether pork fat or beef fat is the best option for you will really just come down to your personal preference.

  • Hi Austin hope all is well.

    Could you use beef tallow to make sausage?
    crazy thought I was going to try to make corn beef sausage and see if beef tallow would work in that as well.


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    Ohms Law If you want Austin to see something you need to tag him with the @ sign before his username. He’s so crazy busy that he wont see things unless he is tagged. I try to browse everything but in general that is the best way to get either of our attention.

    To answer your question yes you can use beef fat in place of pork fat BUT pork fat is superior. It has a creaminess that beef fat (and any other fat) cannot match, it also has very little discernable taste and it is nice and bright white.

  • Thank you sir !!!

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    I would agree with Austin and Jonathon’s comments about pork fat vs beef fat. I would also add that when making sausage where you want some beef flavor, beef fat is a good way to get that flavor when you also need to raise the overall fat content. I prefer to add beef fat to lean venison when making snack sticks.

  • I was going to try to make some corned beef sausage (packaged corn beef not cooked) and wasn’t sure if it would have enough fat so i thought beef tallow may work.

  • Thanks for your thoughts!!!

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    Corned beef by itself would probably be too lean for a conventional sausage and making a sausage from a cured meat like corned beef might present some other challenges. What were you planning to use for seasonings?

  • i was going to use the point and that has a good bit of fat and as far as seasonings the meat is brined so I would not add anything maybe just a binder.
    again this is just a crazy thought.

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    The binder would probably be a good idea. If you are using a brisket with a lot of fat then you might be ok without adding more. Most sausage should have at least 20% fat.

  • well, i may give it a try and will let you know!!

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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