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    You’re going to love this thing. 1/2 frozen meat doesn’t even make the motor change pitch from a load. It eats meat just as fast as you can feed it. I love it!

  • Sorry to hi-jack this post —— but how the hell does one post a new topic? I typed a post and push the > at the top right. It disappears and a small orange chat bubble pops up in the bottom right.

    • signed a 32 year old tech savvy idiot. 🙂

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    Well I decided on the Walton’s #22 grinder…go big or go home !!! and for another $60 is was really a no brainer…this thing is a beast…just did a 25# batch of Kielbasa…it took just minutes to grind and the second grind was just as fast as the first…and the plastic stomper, who needs it, the second grind went as fast as I could feed it…less than 24 hours from clicking the purchase button it showed up at my house in Texas…I should have upgraded my grinder ages ago !!!

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    jack_frederick Go to the category you want. It needs to be a category that actually accepts posts (e.g., Home/Walton’s Community/Meat Processing). Look around the top-left of the screen, just under the category. There should be a blue, rectangular button that says “New Topic.” Click on that, and let loose!

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    Mcjagger If you are fine with the extra cost, weight and size of the #22, I can’t imagine how you’ll ever go wrong with a #22 grinder. That said, a good #12 (and I have every reason to believe that the Walton’s #12 is excellent) serves a darned good portion of all home processors.

    I have a #12 (not the Walton’s since I bought it before Walton’s got their own brand), and I am very happy with it. I do 10# batches of sausage, and I’m settling in to to around one per month. That’s about as much of my grinder as I ask, and I know that my grinder can handle at least twice that demand. There may be a day when I’ll want a #22, but it’ll probably be a while.

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    TexLaw I agree, I have a #12 & #22 and my #12 gets the majority of the work these days. The #22 gets called in when we have a 100lb+ long weekend 2-3X a year. Bought the #22 first as was the best deal at the time and my small #12 died at the start of a long sausage weekend.

  • I have only owned a #12 commercial grade grinder and while a #22 has some appeal, I have never felt like I needed more speed or capacity. The grinding rate is never the bottleneck in my meat processing operation. If I were doing more than 50 lbs of meat at a time, then I might consider upsizing the grinder, but that won’t be happening in my lifetime.

    IMO, for the hobbyist doing batch sizes of 50 lbs and under, a more important factor than grinder size is over-all build-quality and features, like a steel gearbox, a decent quality electric motor and quality knives and plates kept sharp.

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