13th day of Christmas Livestream

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    So, Austin reminded me yesterday that last year we wrapped up the 13 days of Christmas with a Livestream and since we both enjoy these we will be having one on the last day of Christmas, which in our world is the 21st! We will start around 2:30 PM central time at waltonsinc.com/live We will have some extra coupons and a thing or two other!

    We will send out some emails to remind everyone. One other thing…we are going to try to get people to use the Meatgistics App so we will send some push reminders on that as well plus…a thing or two to help with your orders, so go to the google play store and search meatgistics. An IOS app is in the works but currently unavailable.

  • Team Orange Regular Contributors Dry Cured Sausage

    I’m so glad I’m not scheduled to work for this. I enjoy these so much, but because of my crazy hours and shifts I am always watching the replay on YouTube. Just gotta hope I don’t get overtime… I’ve never said that before…

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