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    Caught up on reading some of the posts. Burboun is usually my drink of choice. I decided on the pk100 and went to order it. It’s out of stock and won’t be back until January. I waited this long what’s a few more weeks. I figure my first love is smoking and I’ll let the bgqing to others. As said before I totally appreciate everyone helping in the group. This weekend it’s tamales and sausage making. The sausage will be green onion and the second kind will be pickled jalapenos with pepper jack cheese. The second is a big hit with my wife and my nephew. I am also wanting to smoke some chickens for the traditional Christmas Eve gumbo. Any ideas on time and temp? I always seem to take them out way to early and they are ok but could be better. Thanks again to all and here’s to hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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    Same to you sir. Always enjoy reading your posts. I still want a pk 100. Bucket list.

  • no_eyes_processor you can go ahead and crank the heat up when doing chicken as it doesn’t need the low-N-slow temp required of other meats as it is already tender.
    I usually smoke/BBQ chicken pieces around 275-325 and takes about 1-1/2 hrs. Nice and juicy !!

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