Packaging summer sausage

  • I usually remove fibrous casings before I vacuum package, which allows me to clean off any fat that might have collected between sausage and case. Just trying to make it look good as gifts. I am curious what others do for best presentation.

  • Jonathon how do you package?

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    What are you using for meat? Curious why you’re getting fat between the meat and casing.

  • Elk and back fat. I have made it about half dozen times and improving each time, but then I tweak things. The amount of fat is frankly small but it was there, maybe a teaspoon or so; I wipe it off so that the recipient doesn’t think it is mold or something. Is it a reasonable goal that there be zero fat out? I saw Jon’s livestream yesterday as I was processing and I thought he said that at these cook temps there always be some fat out.

  • Well, in the cook last night I used Sure Gel, and no fat out at all. Seems to work!

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    Big Game you use the back fat from the elk or pork?

  • I only use pork fatback. I have old hunting buddies who have been using deer and elk fat in their grinds for 50+ years and never had a problem, but I don’t take the risk that it could go rancid.

    I killed a black bear 2 years ago and it had tons of back fat, which I chucked. I am always reading that bear back fat can be fantastic for cooking, when it is rendered. If I am lucky enough to get another bear this season, I am going to try that.

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