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    Gummy Bear Brat!

    In this segment we take big swings at recipes that could either be amazing or disgusting! Today we are taking a classic and putting a new spin on it, get ready for Gummy Bear Brat!

    Prep Time

    20-30 Minutes

    Cook Time

    Until Internal Temperature was 165 Degrees


    Gummy Bears

    Utensils Needed

    Meat Grinder
    Sausage Stuffer
    Grill/Smoker or Oven
    Feel Free to Mix by Hand


    Make your sausage how you would normally go about it. And just add your gummy bears at the point of when you would add your cheese. For us, it’s usually at the end of mixing, going no more than the final 60 seconds.

    Disaster rating:

    This one was a bigger miss than it was a hit, for sure! It really depended on the color of gummy bear you would bite into. Some had a somewhat sweet and sour flavor, others tasted like cough syrup. So overall this was a disaster, just not as big of one as we expected. Our expectations were that we would have to clean up gummy bears off the grill, so that’s a little win I suppose.

    Watch Waltons: Recipe for Disaster: Gummy Bear Brat

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