• Yearling

    I watched the videos on pulling summer sausage and snack sticks from the smoker at 130 degrees.
    Finishing them in water at 170 degrees.
    The snack sticks will reach their internal temp in about an hour.
    Is this enough time for the encapsulated citric acid to work?
    Harold Reese

  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    Labradorbob I haven’t seen the videos, but I understand that ECA needs 1 hour at temperatures above 135F. I suppose what you mentioned is close enough?

    That said, I like a longer cook with Summer sausage and snack sticks because I prefer that semi-dried texture that you get from a longer cook. I suggest you don’t try to rush it. You can always let them hang in the smoker for an hour (or even just 30 minutes), and then finish in water.

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