• What happened with the new 50lb mixer? It says 239.99 in the catalog and in the email yesterday when it was on sale for 199.99 but I missed that and try to order it today at regular 239.99 price but suddenly it’s 299.99. I call to ask am I missing something and simply got the to bad prices are subject to change. I was kind of shocked as it’s the 2021 catalog and frankly by the very dismissive to bad we don’t have to honor our printed prices attitude from the gal on the phone.

  • Team Orange

    I had a similar experience happen. I had it in my cart last night but did not have my credit card with me so I figured I would check out this morning and it was showing up as $299. I did an on-line chat and they only replied that I missed the sale.

  • Yea guess I was mainly confused because everything I have shows 239.99 as the regular price, even the page online did until I put it in my cart.

  • sound like a case b of bate and switch witch is against the law

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