Boudin sausage recipe

  • Never made boudin sausage before ! Has anybody out there used waltons seasoning and ground pork only??? Any advise appreciated

  • Walton's Employee

    @angel4us Are you talking about using only ground pork as your meat block or are you saying you won’t be using rice or any vegetables? When we make Boudin we generally forgo the traditional Pork Liver but we do always add rice and sometimes add seafood like shrimp or tilapia as well. We will be having a video come out on our process for this in the coming months. To answer your question you can absolutely use just ground pork, but if you don’t add rice then it is not going to be true boudin.

  • @Jonathon yes I plan on using rice and shrimp sounds good too ! I’m assuming the rice is cooked then add it all together an stuff into casings.

  • Walton's Employee

    @angel4us Sorry for the delay, I did not see a response on this. Yes, the rice is mixed into the mince and stuffed. Just a quick note, some people boil the rice first and some other people simply let the rice reconstitute in water for an hour or so. Both ways are correct. If you have already done the Boudin post some pictures of how it came out!

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