• I’m going to make summer sausage for the first time soon and bought a High Mountain pkg(before I found Walton’s:blush:) I’ve made seasonings from books for fresh sausage and found them too salty( with 6.25% cure) So in looking at the High Mtn ingredients I see their cure is only 0.85%. Is this because their cure has added salt? What’s the best way to avoid making it too salty? I plan on making a one lb. test with some ground meat and fry it in a skillet. Any help is appreciated!

  • Team Orange

    I would be willing to bet that if you take out the sugar and the caramel coloring And the added salt for the recipe and only the curing slat is left the amount will still be 6.25% Nitrite! The amount need to be safe in the US is set by law they really can’t sell you something that is not up to regulations! As far as controlling the salt the only way you have control is to mix the cure your self! The amount of curing salt is going to be .25% of the weight of the meat no options there!!! If you need to you can adjust the amount of regular salt you add over that to your taste! The amount of salt is generally from 1 to 3% of the weight of the meat, subtract the amount of curing salt from that for the batch. The amount of curing salt is what it is to ensure safe results, DO NOT REDUCE THE CURING SALT!!! Only play with the regular salt amounts!!!

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    dgmd the Mariański brothers have some pretty good books on fresh and cured sausages and meats. They go into some details about different ingredients that you can add to your meat block and percentage range. There is one titled, Quality Meat Production, I think. It is a very good reference tool. You need to have the correct percentage cure for your meat block. Take good notes of what you do, stay plugged in here and your learning curve will increase greatly.

  • Makes sense, thanks! Definitely will adhere to the formula for the cure. I’m going to reduce all the measurements for a pound and try it on hamburger, I don’t want to waste 9lbs of venison

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