• Can I use eca in the grinder for stuffing to make Venison summer sausage? Also can I still us may meat mixer for protein extraction and then use the grinder for stuffing? Stuffer on back order and trying to make some product for Christmas gifts.

  • Team Orange

    ECA should be one of if not the very last thing you add in mixing before you stuff!! If you add it to soon or regrind after adding you will break the Encapsulation and it will effect the bind and protein extraction adversely!!! You want to agitate the ECA as little as possible and still mix it well to insure even distribution! You can use your grinder to stuff, but make sure that you take out the blade and plate and install the spider that came with your grinder to hold the auger while stuffing. If you leave the plate and blade in it will break the encapsulation! Using a grinder for stuffing with ECA is not an ideal option, but if you absolutely need to get it done and can not wait for the stuffer it is what it is!

  • Miket482000 Thank you very much. Happy Christmas Eve.

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