• Merry Christmas all , im looking for a little help with a good recipe for venison meat sticks with a jerky gun ? I have wild boar and beef ground to mix with it,
    any suggestions any of you may have would be greatly appreciated !
    Thanks in advance

  • Team Blue

    I use the same seasoning as I do for jerky then I. Squirt them out of the gun right on to a rack like a cooling rack my wife uses for cookies then in to the pellet smoker (camp chef) and turn it on to 160 and let them smoke till they get to 150 shut it of and let them cool right in the smoker

  • That is great and good to know you have done it before , Im still looking for a recipe to make them seasoning ect…
    if you can help that would be terrific !
    thanks again

  • Team Blue

    I use the backwoods brand of seasoning I mix 3 pounds of ground venison and a pound of ground pork to bind it togather then mix as the directions on the backwoods package no casings at all turns out great

  • Fantastic , Thank you very much I will try it this week !
    I will let you know how it turns out .

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