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    Tried out my new Waltons stuffer on a small batch of venison & pork boudin today. Stuffer worked flawlessly. Flavor was dead on for boudin with the trinity, fresh green onion, fresh parsley and chicken livers. Great on a cackers with stone ground mustard and hot sauce, but will increase seasoning level about 20% next time.

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    I was waiting to see if you used the deer liver in the boudin . lol Boudin is on my to-do list.
    We have been using deer liver to make braunschweiger and it turns out well. Just need to take care of the liver during field dressing, keep it clean, and on ice quickly.

  • Team Orange

    I like venison liver, probably more than calf liver, but I did not have any and used chicken livers. Typically the Cajuns would use pork liver, which has a little stronger iron flavor but it can be difficult to find sometimes. You could try some ethnic food markets if you wanted pork and you live near any. Make sure you taste and over season before stuffing as the rice will absorb a lot of flavor and make it a bit bland once everything melds. Good luck, and post some pics!

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