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    Not sure if this is the right place for this but I’ll give it a go. I’m in the market for a new meat slicer and am trying to decide between the new Walton’s 10 and 12 inch. My typical MO is to go for the biggest and don’t look back, however that’s a BIG machine. I make a lot of bacon and want something that can slice a bacon without having to cut the belly in half. Is the 10 capable of this or will I have to go with the 12?

  • ISULarry I’ve been checking out the same as you for bacon and have found that that the blade size does NOT increase the size of the carriage or the throw by much if any on most of the machines I’ve looked at. The biggest commercial machines that are out of my price range have a bit more throw but I have yet to find anything that will take a slab that is 10" or longer unless you roll or fold the slab bacon. Let me know if you find something.
    I’ve drawn up the little design I have sent to a friend who can fabricate stainless that would be a “carriage on a carriage” that would effectively double the throw but would need a slicer where the carriage bolts on to the arm that slides so I didn’t have to completely reinvent the wheel.

  • Dry Cured Sausage

    folsomwest that’s what I’ve been seeing as well. I noticed that the Walton’s slicers talk about a larger carriage and mention bacon on the 10 inch, just don’t see any hard measurements to help out with! I’ll definitely let you know if I find anything out or see something elsewhere. I can make just about anything work on a 10 inch but the bacon. High maintenance I guess!

  • I have the 10 inch Walton slicer and you only have about 7 inches from the back of the carriage(pulled full back) to the edge of the blade. I did notice that the 10 inch slicers at Cabelas had more movement on the carriage the whole machine was a little longer than the Walton’s machine but I did not measure the distance.

  • Michael Hill I saw that too…so I took a tape…7 5/8 inch

  • I’m also in the same game with all of you! I do have a smaller slicer here at home and it’s pain in the [censored] to slice bacon! I always end up cutting then bacon down to get it to work. Also, the other issue that I have is after about 8 slices the bacon starts cutting at an angle and I have to flip it over to get good slices and if I don’t the meat gets pulled down. Please keep us informed on what you find? My Christmas purchase is to my self is to better slicer!

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    ISULarry Often times I find that I can slice bacon without cutting it by placing it on a diagonal, i.e. lift up the back end of the slab. Can use a block of wood, just keep it from hitting the blade.

    It will likely add about 2" to the total cut, which is often enough to cut the whole slab.

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